Green Leaf Deli At Green Leaf Deli Restaurant in New York City, we create specialty hearty breakfasts of ham, bacon and eggs, omelettes, pancakes, and bagels with cream cheese. For a satisfying lunch try one of our hot sandwiches: Roast beef, pastrami, Virginia ham, corned beef, liverwurst, chicken, tuna or shrimp salad, and provolone cheese. We are noted for our specialty Green Leaf’s sandwiches such as Paisan, New Amsterdam (grilled Swiss), Novie (smoked salmon), Philly Specialty (roast beef and cheese grilled). Green Leaf triple-deckers are created with turkey, bacon, chicken salad, corned beef, pastrami, and tuna salad. Green Leaf’s Famous Combo Heroes include United States Hero, United Nation, West Side Highway, Italian Combo, New York Best, Chicken Parmigiana and several others. Our chefs use only the freshest and finest ingredients and we promise you won’t be disappointed. Use our easy online ordering system and take advantage of our excellent takeaway delivery service. Order Online Payment Options